Wind-dyed House in Yokosuka Kanagawa, Japan by Kazuhiko Kishimoto

Kazuhiko Kishimoto A House Overlooking The Ocean Kazuhiko Kishimoto Cozy Modern Interior Sofa Seating

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Located halfway up a cliff, the Kazuhiko Kishimoto''s Wind-dyed house is built and appears from the top-floor street entrance to only have single floor instead of a two-story residence. The first floor features a stone floor and concrete walls finished with plaster, while the Japanese paper screens fitted inside the glass reflect the shadows of plants and trees. The hard-edged surfaces and finishes coexist with the soft, muted tones of the Japanese paper.

The second floor, boastsan open-plan living space, the entirety of which can be opened up towards the ocean. A series of wide eaves stand between the outside of the house and the interior, which is articulated into smaller sections by a row of pillars. Going down the staircase-shaped terrace allows one to gradually draw closer to the outdoor landscape.

The several components of the building were integrated in order to grant the inhabitants to enjoy a different view of the outside on each level.

The section that divides the two different elevations on this floor provides seating throughout, functioning as a unique Japanese-style verandah (engawa). A steel-reinforced concrete structure was used for the second floor, and a Vierendeel bridge structure allowed us to float a large, thin roof on top. The pillars consist of square cylindrical poles made of solid iron arranged in a densely packed formation using wooden modules.

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